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Water Wizard Designed to Answer Questions about Drinking Water

By Sarah Holsapple on 3/16/17 1:00 PM

New Tool Provides Quick, Concise, Useful Knowledge

INDIANAPOLIS- What makes my water pressure vary? Why does my water have a different taste or odor? Why is my water discolored? If you have ever asked these questions, Citizens Energy Group’s Water Wizard is for you.

“Protecting our water sources, ensuring quality control in the water treatment process and properly maintaining our water distribution system are just some of the ways we ensure our drinking water is clean,” said Jeffrey Harrison, Citizens President and CEO. “Customers may still have questions about their drinking water, however, and Citizens’ new Water Wizard is an easy-to-use tool that helps customers get answers.”

Designed to assist you in diagnosing some of the most common questions or concerns about water quality, the Water Wizard is an online tool that allows you to choose a category that best describes your question or concern. For example, if your water has an odor, visiting the Water Wizard allows you to select from three buttons categorizing the smell as sulfur, musty or chlorine-like. After clicking the button that best describes your issue, you will receive information about what may be causing the odor and what action is recommended to address the issue. The Water Wizard also addresses other common questions about water like discoloration, water pressure variation and particles and solids in water.

The Water Wizard’s “Open a Case” feature takes your questions one step further. If the Water Wizard does not answer your question, you can manually submit it online.  After filling out a simple form, you will receive a response from a Citizens team member within 24 to 48 hours.

“Customers call daily with questions about their drinking water, so we know the topic is on their minds,” said Michael Strohl, Senior Vice President and Citizens Chief Customer Officer. “We want customers to have as much knowledge about their drinking water as possible and we hope our easy-to-use Water Wizard becomes a tool that provides quick, concise and useful knowledge.”

To check out the Water Wizard tool, click here.

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