Citizens Announces Major DigIndy Tunnel System Milestone

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Two More Tunnels Open, Will Prevent Up to 700 Million Gallons of Sewage from Entering Waterways Annually

INDIANAPOLIS – Citizens Energy Group announced today that two more tunnels on its DigIndy Tunnel System have opened. The White River and Lower Pogues Run Tunnels will prevent up to 700 million gallons of sewage from entering waterways annually. A total of four of the system’s six tunnels are now in operation (including the Deep Rock Tunnel Connector and Eagle Creek Tunnel), comprising nearly 17 of the system’s 28 miles.

“Today we celebrate the opening of the White River and Pogues Run Tunnels, which are nearly eliminating sewer overflows into the White River in one of the most densely populated areas of the city stretching from the near north side to the south edge of downtown,” said Jeffrey Harrison, President & CEO of Citizens Energy Group. “These tunnels are continuing the progress we have made since December 2017 when we opened the first 10 miles of DigIndy from downtown to the county line. That segment of the tunnel system already has prevented more than 3 billion gallons of sewage from reaching area waterways.”

The White River Tunnel is nearly 6 miles long and includes approximately 9,000 feet of consolidation sewers, which transport sewage from combined sewer overflow (CSO) points to the tunnel. This segment of the tunnel will prevent CSOs along the White River in the Riverside, Haughville, Stringtown, and Old Southside neighborhoods, as well as Downtown Indianapolis.

The Lower Pogues Run Tunnel is nearly 2 miles long and includes 1,200 feet of consolidation sewers. The tunnel, along with other improvements along the Upper and Lower Pogues Run waterways, will significantly reduce CSOs along Pogues Run from the Brookside neighborhood to Downtown.

“We appreciate the support and patience of residents and commuters as we continue our work. With more than half of the DigIndy Tunnel System now operating, we look forward to completing this truly transformational project to enhance quality of life and restore the natural environment here in Indianapolis,” said Harrison.

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The remaining two tunnels, Pleasant Run and Fall Creek, are expected to open in 2025. When the entire 28-mile DigIndy Tunnel System is complete, it will nearly eliminate CSOs, creating healthier, more vibrant waterways and improving the community. Learn more about the DigIndy Tunnel System at

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